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Definition and Product Features of Commercial Freezers


Today, Ningbo Jiahao Appliance Co.,ltd., an expert in commercial refrigerators and freezers, tells you the definition and product features of commercial refrigerators.
Some of our products such as Commercial Open Air Cooler and Commercial Open Air Refrigerator have been recognized by our customers for their high quality and strict production process.
Commercial freezers refer to refrigerated or frozen freezers that are exclusively used by commercial operation channels such as supermarkets, cold drink stores, frozen goods stores, and hotels and restaurants to store ice cream, beverages, dairy products, quick-frozen foods, and food materials.
Commercial refrigerators are highly professional, not only have professional storage temperature requirements, but also have strong requirements for display. A refrigerator with good display can effectively promote the sales of operators. Therefore, a typical feature of commercial refrigerators is that there are many With single-layer or multi-layer transparent glass doors (except kitchen refrigerators for storing food materials), consumers can see the contents without opening the freezer door.
China's commercial refrigerator market is significantly different from the household refrigerator market in terms of channels and products. The commercial freezer market is mainly composed of the industry key customer market and the terminal scattered customer market. Among them, the freezer manufacturers mainly cover the industry customer market by means of corporate direct sales, and the purchase intention of commercial freezers is determined through the bidding of major customers in the beverage and ice cream industries every year, while In the fragmented customer market, it mainly relies on dealer coverage.