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What kind of Commercial dispenser offer?

There are commercial beer dispenser and beverage Juice dispenser in our produce line. 

Whats the commercial dispenser?

The draft commercial beer dispenser machine is also called a beer vending machine. It consists of a refrigerator, a draft beer barrel, and a carbon dioxide gas cylinder. Its working principle is to use the high-pressure carbon dioxide gas in the carbon dioxide gas cylinder to press out the beer in the draft beer barrel, so that the beer enters the refrigerator. , and then flow out of the spout. The beer passing through the beer machine is cool and tastes good.

Beer Dispenser also called Beer Keg or kegerator
Juice dispenser also called Beverage Dispenser, Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser, Juice Dispenser Machine or Cold Drink Dispenser. It is used to dispense beverages hygienically and is widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteen, and bars.

How to use Beer Dispenser?

Various types of beer refrigeration equipment can be customized according to customer requirements, which are suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small occasions such as restaurants, restaurants, family banquets, bars at home and abroad.

Whats the advantage of beer Commercial Dispenser?

1. The draft beer machine uses high-quality stainless steel water tank and pipeline system to ensure the purity of water quality and easy maintenance.1. The draft beer commercial dispenser machine uses high-quality stainless steel water tank and pipeline system to ensure the purity of water quality and easy maintenance.
2. The beer coomercial dispenser has built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durability.
3. The beer commercial dispenser produced by our factory are simple to maintain, easy to operate, advanced in design, and well-made. 
4. The equipment is finely processed, and the welding (connection) precision reaches the sanitary standard; 
5. Equipped with a complete CIP cleaning and sterilization system, the equipment can be cleaned easily and thoroughly.
6. The main equipment has stable performance, no leakage, dripping.
7. The pipes between the equipment are connected by sanitary quick-connection, which is convenient for disassembly, assembly, movement and transformation.
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Cooling method:

In terms of cooling methods, it is divided into two types: water-cooled and direct-cooled.
The water-cooled type is that the draft beer is circulated in the draft beer machine filled with water through the wine pipe, and the draft beer will decrease with the decrease of the water temperature, so as to achieve the refrigeration effect;
Direct cooling, as the name suggests, refrigerates beer directly. The beer is added to the beer machine through carbon dioxide pressure, and the surrounding is covered with refrigeration pipes, the temperature in the box is lowered, and the temperature of the beer is lowered.

Beer commercial dispenser keg fridge with 3 models different capacity with a stylish tower on the top.Transform your home into a professional tap room with this Full-Size Kegerator. Serving as a draft beer dispenser, refrigerator, and beverage cooler all in one, our keg tapping kit includes a host of features to make your man cave the talk of the neighborhood.

Ningbo Jiahao is professional manufacture in beer keg fridge. All ice maker are with portable compact size . The ice makers are provide customers with design proofing, OEM customization, LOGO printing and other services. but also provides customers with a variety of options for LOGO promotion.

The main features of ice maker
Dual-tap chrome tower
Adjustable shelving
Complete CO2 assembly
Multiple keg configurations
Different capacity
Stainless steel 

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