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Display freezer Manufacture

What's a display freezer?

Display freezers are the type of commercial refrigeration units with glass doors you  see in shop or convenience stores. With display freezers, customers may be able to see food being sold without opening the door

Display freezer also known as a commercial glass freezer, the commercial display freezer is a great option for freezing fresh food and cooked foods immediately, or freezing ice cream at the proper temperature without melting.
The display freezer is designed with 2-3 layers glass doors, which can display the food inside, attract customers to buy, and help  to impulse sales. It is an ideal commercial-grade freezer for supermarkets or other retail enterprises.
We have a variety of series and models of freezers for you to choose , and we provide glass door display freezer and solid door upright freezer for  different customers. Freezers with solid doors can be used in homes, offices, hotels, etc., and glass display freezer can be used in different commercial environments such as convenience stores, market, etc. And also we provide large-capacity chest freezers, which are good choices for both domestic and commercial use.
In addition, we also provide customized refrigeration solutions to meet the special requirements of customers.

Why do the display freezer with glass doors?

The purpose of commercial display freezer is to better improve brand recognition, promote products, and increase product sales, so the glass door is a good way to display the internal products. Can attract customers quickly
These glass doors are all 2-3 layers of tempered glass, and they are electrically heated glass, and the glass will not fogging

The display freezer series with 2 glass layer transparent door.its better for icecream or some food need freezing temperature in shop,market,cafe etc . The display freezers  provides customers with a variety of options for logo on door, artwork sticker on body for promotion.

Ningbo Jiahao is professional manufacture in oem display cooler. All freezers are with compact size from 21-68 liters. Display freezers are provide customers with design proofing, OEM customization, LOGO printing and other services. but also provides customers with a variety of options for LOGO promotion. Accurate, stable and reliable products also bring higher promotion effects to users.

The main features of freezer 
Temperature adjustable range -18C
Multi color for choice 
Branding for logo promotion
Compact size
Glass door or solid door for choice
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