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Whats the display cooler?
Commercial display cooler are commenly called as commercial display fridge, or commercial glass fridge, which are a great option for stores, bars, cafes, market that need keep drinks or foods fresh at proper temperature.
Display cooler are designed to increase impulse purchases by customers.They are essential display coolers, typically with transparent glass doors or an open front so that you can present your food ,drink items in the best way in order to entice customers.

What temperature should display coolers be?

The internal temperature of display coolers is maintained at 0 ° -10 °C, which would help for cooling the beverage or beer of the display cooler. 

Is these series display cooler offer branding service?

We offer many kinds of way to branding.  Like colorful coolers body, colorful sticker on body, acylic egraved logo on door. Silk print for logo etc.
Just inform us which display cooler model need, and also send us your logo deign based on our template, then we will show you mockup or sample pics for reference.

How To Customize Your Display Cooler From Us?
Tell us your ideas and request of display coolers.
Show us your logo,design of your brand .
Temperature range you need 0~10°C or others.
Capacity and storage goods? bottles size and quantity display cooler inside.
Exterior and interior size. 
handles, door types, glass color, loacks, led type and color etc.

How many different plugs can offer?

To meet different market requirement. we can offer many different plugs for display coolers.

What kind of Display cooler can produce?
Jiahao Appliance Co.,Ltd, mainly offer mini display cooler, slim display cooler,Bar fridge, Cake display fridge, Four glass showcase, and other tyoe pf commercial refrigerators.
As a professional commercial display cooler manufacture, besides the regular models of display coolers, We also provides solution to meet customer's special request. 
We can make different size and shape coolers as your drawings or thought. also we can according your drinks size to adjust the display cooler inner shape or size.

The main features of Display Cooler
2.Temperature adjustable range 0-10C
3.Transparent clean Glass door 
4. Multiple Color for choice

5.Branding for logo promotion

6.Oem Service

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