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What kind of ice cream machine can offer?
We can offer household mini ice cream machine and commercial soft ice cream machine .

Whats the ice cream machine?
 Soft ice cream machine, also known as ice cream freezer, is an automated equipment specially designed for the production of frozen desserts - ice cream. According to the purpose, ice cream machines can be divided into large-scale freezers used in factory lines and commercial ice cream used in the catering industry. machine.
A machine that can mix milk powder, ice cubes, fruit, and then make it into a delicious summer dessert, and can also make ice cream with milk paddles.

Whats the features of ice cream machine?
1. The main engine of the ice cream machine adopts a fully enclosed compressor, and the mixing cylinder adopts the interlayer refrigerant "S" type flow direction direct cooling design, which has the advantages of low energy consumption and large cooling capacity.
2. The start-up refrigeration time is shorter, and the first batch of materials is discharged quickly.
3. The mixing tank has a unique arc angle cleaning.
4. More use of high-quality stainless steel materials. The appearance is simple and elegant.
5. The ice cream machine uses electronic numerical control module, which is automatically controlled and has the function of discharging and counting. Ice cream hardness can be adjusted at any time.

How to choose a good ice cream machine?
1. Has a good and stable expansion rate. The expansion rate of the ice cream machine mainly depends on the quality of the compressor. The price of a good compressor and a poor compressor is very different, so the price difference of the ice cream machine is also caused. And a good ice cream machine puffing rate can greatly reduce your ice cream making costs.
2. The freezing performance is stable and the effect is good.
3. High yield.
The output is stable. Generally, the larger the number of labels, the stronger the production capacity of the machine. To put it simply, the output per unit time is greater. Naturally, the more ice creams are produced [referring to the soft ice machine]. This is a key metric.
4. The low failure rate can ensure the continuous supply of your ice cream.

Can branding the ice cream machine for sale?
Yes.we can stick your logo design on machine body for brand promotion

The ice cream maker easy to use, is the perfect ice cream maker to get professional results at home. Small, with a large bowl non-removable, stainless steel spatula and powerful and robust refrigeration system, the mini machine allows to reach professional performance without pre-cooling. Made of Stainless Steel, compact, attractive, it has a modern design and suitable for any room and kitchen.

Ningbo Jiahao is professional manufacture in ice cream maker. All ice cream maker are with portable compact size . The ice cream makers are provide customers with design proofing, OEM customization, LOGO printing and other services. but also provides customers with a variety of options for LOGO promotion.

The main features of ice maker
Fully automatic with a commercial quality compressor
Touch control lcd display
Muiti color for choice
Mixing bowl with lift-out handle
Transparent lid
Stainless steel body
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