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A slim display cooler also called  upright slimline display cooler, sometimes referred to as a impulse slim display cooler, has a front glass door that clearly displays beverages and food while keeping them at the optimum temperature. With a mini design, this commercial upright display cooler is the perfect refrigeration solution for convenience stores, stacking bars, offices, and other dining areas with tight spaces. If your store is small, it can be opened without extra space and can be opened when they open the door. It is easy to get immediate access to the drinks and food inside. Our slim display cooler have LED lights to illuminate the interior, highlighting cold beverages and food items to catch the customer's eye, greatly helping store owners drive impulse sales.

What are the advantages of this slim display cooler?
The exterior of this slim line display cooler can be customised with graphic stickers to display your branding or advertising on the upright display cooler, which helps increase your brand awareness and provides a stunning look to attract Customers' eyeballs to increase impulse store sales.
It is also possible to print or engrave the luminous LOGO on the glass door

This slim display cooler is generally composed of a metal shell and a plastic liner, and the middle layer is polyurethane foam to provide heat insulation. The front door is made of clear double-layer tempered glass, all of these features provide superior performance. In addition, stainless steel inner and outer tank and metal inner tank are also available.

slim display cooler, despite their smaller size, still have all the features a commercial refrigerator needs. These countertop cooler displays are equipped with LED lights inside to help better display stored beverages or food to customers. The light box at the top can display the brand logo or some product images to improve customer recognition.

The inside of the slim display cooler is equipped with adjustable load-bearing shelves to meet the requirements of different beverage sizes. The shelves are made of steel wire spray.

In addition to the conventional manual temperature control settings, this type of refrigerator also provides electronic temperature control, or electronic temperature display, so as to observe the temperature in the box more intuitively.

The single door commercial slim display cooler series with 0-10 °C, for beer and beverage promotion in shops, bars, supermarkets or other points of sales.  The slim style display cooler with wheels, easy to move to other place. These upright commercial display cooler its a perfect tool with attractive brand to help you promotion your logo.

Ningbo Jiahao upright display cooler series special designed by slim style from 105-325 liters and more. The coolers can with lightbox for your logo promotion if need. Bright double leds, transparent glass door, multi color, acyclic bright logo etc, variety of options for your promotion.

The main features of Upright Display Cooler
2.Temperature adjustable range 0-10C
3.Transparent clean Glass door 
4. Multiple Color for choice
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