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Types of Mini Fridges


An expert in mini refrigerators - Ningbo Jiahao Appliance Co.,ltd. is here today to explain to you what types of mini refrigerators are available.
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One is to connect the refrigerator to the cigarette lighter through a connecting wire, so that it can be cooled. This kind of refrigerator is mostly used for cooling and heat preservation, and can be used as an incubator in winter. Some car refrigerators can also be used by households, as long as they are connected to the household 220V power supply, they can work. The other is to use a group of energy storage boxes in the refrigerator to cool or keep warm. Put this group of energy storage boxes in the household refrigerator for 10 hours, and then put the energy storage boxes in the car refrigerator for cooling, which can last for 10 hours. Keep the temperature below 15 degrees for 20 hours. Put this set of energy storage boxes in the microwave oven for 120 seconds and put it in the car refrigerator, it can play the role of heat preservation.
However, this kind of refrigerator has a very small capacity and can hold up to six cans of Coke.