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Buying Skills for Car Refrigerator


Buying Skills for Car Refrigerator
1. There are two types of car refrigerators, one is a car compressor refrigerator that can be cooled below 0 °C, and the other is a car cooling and heating box, electronic heating and cooling box, etc. The cooling effect is generally maintained at 15-20 degrees below the ambient temperature. Left and right, ice cannot be made, and ice cream and other items that need to be frozen can only be temporarily stored. The above two categories are called car refrigerators.
2. The car refrigerator can become a fashionable choice, not only because of its unique cooling function, but also because of its small size, easy to carry, and very personalized style and color.
3. In terms of styles, car refrigerators include vertical refrigerators, horizontal freezers, and even football shapes, cola shapes, etc., which are very individual and fashionable. In terms of color, there are various colors such as rose red, powder blue, grass green, bright yellow, silver gray, etc. The color of the refrigerator you buy matches the color of the car you should buy.
4. In terms of volume, there are 3L refrigerators suitable for commuting to get off work, and 35L large-capacity refrigerators. Different models such as off-road vehicles, cars, large trucks, and taxis can choose matching car refrigerators. Car refrigerators with a volume of less than 20 liters are generally suitable for being placed in the compartment, and those above 20L are more suitable for placing in the trunk.
Precautions for the use of car refrigerators
1. Magnetic objects cannot be placed in the car refrigerator, otherwise it will affect the internal cooling chip. And when using the car refrigerator, the owner should also pay attention, otherwise the car refrigerator will strike.
2. Generally, the car refrigerator is divided into car and car home. When using it, pay attention to the distance between the cigarette lighter and the place where it is placed to avoid insufficient wire length. If you are homesick and car, it is best to have a power converter.
3. It is best to equip the car with a multi-function socket to ensure that electronic devices such as the car refrigerator, car lights, and hands-free equipment are used at the same time.
4. When using the car refrigerator in the car, pay attention to ensure that the air vents and heat dissipation holes of the car refrigerator are unobstructed. The air inlet of the refrigerator should not enter the water, and should be kept away from the heat source. When switching from the heating function to the cooling function, it is recommended to turn off the power. 5 Start the car refrigerator after a few minutes.
5. Because the car refrigerator consumes a lot of power, when turning off the engine, remember to cut off the power of the refrigerator to avoid running out of battery power.
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