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Maintenance Method of Car Refrigerator


Maintenance method of car refrigerator
1. Cleaning:
In addition to regular inspections of the car refrigerator, keeping the refrigerator clean is also one of the important tasks in maintaining the car refrigerator.
(1) Use a neutral detergent and a soft cloth to clean the outside of the refrigerator;
(2) Clean the refrigerator seal with water + soft cloth;
(3) After cleaning the interior of the refrigerator with neutral detergent + soft cloth, wipe it with water + soft cloth twice;
(4) Clean the outside of the refrigerator thoroughly with clean water + soft cloth.
2. Regular inspection:
Because the car refrigerator is an electricity-consuming product, even if the power consumption is not large, it is necessary to develop the habit of regularly checking the working stability and circuit appearance of the car refrigerator. First, we should check the working status of the car refrigerator (refrigeration) every 30 days or so. In addition, pay attention to whether the wires and appearance parts of the refrigerator are bumped, scratched or damaged. If there are any (especially the circuit part), they need to be repaired before continuing. use.
3. Storage:
When the car refrigerator is no longer used for a long time, the refrigerator should be removed, cleaned according to the above cleaning method, then dried in the shade, put back into the packing box and placed in a cool, dry and ventilated environment for storage, so as to ensure that the refrigerator can be re-installed in the coming year. The effect of using the car refrigerator is enabled.
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