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Freezers can be prioritized from several aspects


(1) Freezer volume: The volume of the freezer determines the space range that can store food. Businesses need to choose the actual volume of the freezer according to how much food they need to store, and choose the capacity that suits their needs. Do not blindly choose ;
(2) Refrigeration effect of the freezer: The function of the freezer is to provide a low-temperature environment for the stored products, which can preserve the freshness, quality and prolong the storage time. The refrigeration effect is not good, which directly affects the quality of the product, so pay attention to the freezer when purchasing The cooling effect of the operation is good or bad;
(3) Refrigeration methods of freezers: There are many kinds of refrigeration methods for freezers, and the refrigeration methods used to store different products are different. The commonly used refrigeration methods include direct cooling and air cooling. Choose the appropriate refrigeration method according to the needs of the products to be stored;

(4) Freezer performance: When many businesses mention whether the freezer is energy-saving and power-saving, the first reaction is that the more power-saving the better, but is it really "the more power-saving the better"? In fact, the power consumption of the freezer is also a Very important performance indicators, many manufacturers now blindly pursue "power saving" without considering other influencing factors of the freezer, resulting in low functions and short service life of the freezer. Energy saving of the freezer is not only about reducing power consumption. It is also necessary to optimize the structure and refrigeration design of the freezer. Therefore, when choosing a freezer, merchants should consider the specific performance of the freezer.