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What are the precautions for the use of refrigerators?


(1) New refrigerators or refrigerators that have just been transported: Read the instructions carefully before use, let stand for 2 to 6 hours before turning on the refrigerator, the refrigerator may be bumpy and tilted during transportation, and the refrigerant may flow into the pipeline. Set it for a period of time to allow the refrigerant to return to ensure the normal operation of the freezer and ensure the cooling effect; before use, the empty box should be powered on and run for a period of time (2~6 hours). The first use should be intermittent operation, and it should not be started immediately after shutdown. , need to wait for more than 5 minutes, so as not to burn out the compressor, give each part of the refrigerator a run-in time process, and the running time should not be too long; when you first use it, you can't store too many products, but gradually increases the storage. quantity;
(2) Before electrifying the freezer, it should be verified whether the voltage conforms to the rated voltage of the freezer, and it can be used only when it is energized, and it is best not to share a socket with other electrical appliances to avoid adverse accidents;
(3) The freezer should be placed away from heat sources (such as stoves, radiators, etc.), avoid direct sunlight, and reduce the impact of environmental factors on the normal heat dissipation of the freezer. It should be placed in a dry (low humidity) and ventilation effect. , There should be enough space around, not close to the wall or wall, the distance from the wall should be more than 10 cm, and the height from the top to the wall should be more than 30 cm; no heavy objects should be placed on the freezer, and the ground should be stable Solid, so as not to cause the compressor to vibrate and make a lot of noise, which will affect the service life of the freezer in the long run;
(4) Opening the door for a long time or frequently opening and closing the door will lead to an increase in the number of compressor starts, which will not only increase the power consumption, but also shorten the life of the compressor and affect the cooling effect. Therefore, the number of opening and closing doors and the opening time should be reduced;

(5) In the event of a temporary power failure, keep the freezer tightly closed, and unplug the freezer to reduce the number of door openings, which can effectively keep the product fresh for about 10-15 hours.