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Which is better, direct cooling or air cooling?


Air-cooled with a fan, automatic defrosting, no freezing. Direct cooling, no fan, icing, manual defrost.
Direct cooling is also known as air-conditioning natural convection. The refrigerator compartment has an evaporator, and the size of the evaporator is reasonably matched according to the size of the room and the temperature requirements. The cooling method is to cool the food by natural convection of cold air, and the freezing speed is slower than that of air cooling.
The air-cooled type is equipped with a finned evaporator and a set of air duct circulation components. The fan motor will circulate up and down the air in the box cooled by the evaporator to achieve the purpose of cooling. Due to the cold air blowing in, it will not absorb moisture from the stored food and cause frosting. Therefore, the air-cooled type is also called the frost-free type. In fact, the frost-free type is only that there is no frost on the surface of the inner wall, and the surface of the evaporator is still frosted, but it does not need to be manually defrosted but automatically defrosted.

Due to the different cooling methods between direct cooling and air cooling, the main performance indicators are also quite different: the direct cooling type has less power consumption, low noise, low price, and refrigerated food preservation; slow speed, poor temperature uniformity, manual defrosting, mainly Mainly in the Chinese and European markets. The air-cooled type has fast freezing speed, no frost (automatic defrosting), food preservation, and good temperature uniformity; however, it has high power consumption, high noise and high price. Mainly in the United States, Japan, South Korea and southern China markets.