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The precaution of using the commercial refrigerator


1. (commercial refrigerator)Domestic freezers use AC 220V / 50Hz power supply. If the power supply conditions do not meet the AC 220V / 50Hz (187-242v), an automatic voltage regulator above 1000W must be installed for use.

2. (commercial refrigerator)Independent special socket must be used and reliably grounded. The power line of the refrigerator is equipped with a (grounding) plug, which meets the standard three wire (grounding) socket. In any case, do not cut off or remove the third pin (grounding) of the power cord.

3. (commercial refrigerator)Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and highly corrosive acids and alkalis are strictly prohibited in the freezer. 4. do not approach the freezer to use flammable spray to avoid fire.

5. (commercial refrigerator)In case of leakage of flammable gas such as gas: close the valve of gas leakage; Open the exhaust device and doors and windows; Do not unplug or plug in the power plug of the freezer;

6. Keep the key properly. Don't let children play in the cabinet to prevent accidents.