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There are many kinds of wine cooler for choice in our product ranges.These series wine cooler with compressor cooling system, provide fast cooling to keep the optimal condition for your wine.
Inner led light for wine cooler can choose blue or white color. Touch screen panel or manual thermostat for easy process. Different shelf too meet your needs.

Ningbo Jiahao wine cooler series designed by compact size. These wine coolers can provide oem customization by your needs. Different door, shelf, thermostat, led colors for option.These wine coolers not only for wine, but also can for your beverage .

The main features of wine cooler
1.Cold fast and noise free with cooling system.
2.CFC free, environmental friendly.
3.Touch screen, and Manual thermostat both for choice.
4.LED light, tempered Mirror Glass Door .
5.Most optional accessories like door frame, thermostat, shelf etc
6. OEM&Custom experience.
5.Branding for logo promotion
6.Slim style size
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46liters Mini Wine Cooler

46liters Mini Wine Cooler

This 46Liters mini wine cooler with 1.7cu.ft for red or white wine bottles capacity, also better for canned beer and beverage storage.mini wine cooler can keep a variety of canned drinks or wine chilled without taking up too much space at your home, dorm, bar or office. It can conveniently hold 50-60 standard-sized drinks cans,The interchangeable design of the left and right doors facilitates the selection of storage locations, adapts to the high-quality needs of different people and different locations.

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