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The upright freezer series with solid door, it provides better insulation and energy efficiency. The upright freezers its better for kitchen, hotel, bar. The upright freezer is great for keeping a variety of food and ice cream chilled without taking up too much space. Designed with temperature settings, the energy-efficient upright freezer lets you set your desired coolness and freshness. Other great features include adjustable shelf, solid door, height-adjustable feet, built-in handle, reversible door and consistent refrigeration . 

Ningbo Jiahao is professional manufacture in solid upright freezer. All freezers are with compact size from 40-180 liters. upright freezers are provide customers with design proofing, OEM customization, LOGO printing and other services. but also provides customers with a variety of options for LOGO promotion. Accurate, stable and reliable products also bring higher promotion effects to users.

The main features of upright freezer 
Compact design
Five temperature settings
Reversible door hinge
Adjustable shelf
Extra thick temperature-insulated layer
Height adjustable feet
Energy saving
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Compact Upright Countertop Freezer

Compact Upright Countertop Freezer

The 1.1 cubic feet Compact upright countertop freezer with solid door to provides insulation and efficiency . Our compact freezer is energy saving which helps you reduce your electricity fees a lot . This standing freezer upright security when you use it.Also the noise of this under counter freezer is lower than 40DB, you will have a comfortable sleep or rest when you use it.

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Upright Commercial Countertop Display Freezer

Upright Commercial Countertop Display Freezer

Fashion Upright Commercial Countertop Display Freezer made in China. The Upright commercial display freezer is compact upright style with heated glass door with -18°C.Many kinds of freezers including countertop mini display freezers, upright freezers, and chest freezers with high quality and custom branding service for promotion.E-mail us to get more details information.

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We have Newest Upright Display Freezer made from our factory in China for our customers to choose from, which can be customized with cheap prices. JIAHAO APPLIANCE is a brands of Upright Display Freezer, known as one of the famous Upright Display Freezer manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can provide you with not only Classy and Fancy products, but also price list and quotation. In addition, we have many kinds of products in stock for you to buy at a low price. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!