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Why the cooling effect of the refrigerator will deteriorate after a long time of use


Some customers reported that after using it for a few months, they suddenly felt no cooling, or the cooling effect became much worse. What's going on? Why does this happen? Let me explain to you the price of the refrigerator, the reason for this failure, and how to deal with it. Fault phenomenon 1: After 3 months of use, the heating effect becomes worse.

Fault analysis and maintenance: check the user's power supply is normal after the door, the power is turned on and the machine is heated, the indoor and outdoor units are working normally, but the air out of the indoor unit is not hot, and the thick pipe at the joint of the outdoor unit is warm and not hot. Put the refrigerated cabinet into cooling operation, and measure the working pressure to be 4.5kg/cm2. Considering that the frequency conversion refrigerator adopts electronic expansion valve throttling, it is not accurate to judge the fault only by the working pressure, so the outdoor working current is measured again, and it is found that the working current is only 10.5A, which is much smaller than the rated value, and the fault is determined to be "fluorine deficiency". ".
The first thing to do when adding fluoride is to find out where the refrigerant leaks from the refrigerator. Try to start the machine to heat up, apply washing liquid to each joint to check for leaks, and find out that the joints of the indoor unit are not tightened, which is the cause of the refrigerant leakage. Check for leaks again after tightening to make sure the pipes are intact, and then charge the system with refrigerant.
It is best to use the "constant flow charging method" for the refrigerator. In order to ensure the accuracy of the refrigerant charge, first suspend the temperature sensor of the exhaust pipe. After the power is turned on, use an ammeter to measure the current on the outdoor power line. As the refrigerant replenishment increases, the current will gradually increase. When the rated current value reaches 12A (16A for the 70-type inverter cabinet), the refrigerant charge Suitable. This method is often used in home repairs.
If the refrigerator is overhauled or the leakage is too large, and the refrigerant has been exposed to the air for a long time, the refrigerant in the system has leaked, and the refrigerant can be charged by quantitative method. First, the system is evacuated, either by vacuuming or by using external air to evacuate. Then charge the system with refrigerant according to the standard. If it is evacuated from the outside air, it should be a little less than the standard amount, and it should be carried out in the cold state. These are the reasons why the refrigerator suddenly becomes uncooled or poorly refrigerated after a few months of use.