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What is the temperature standard of the refrigerator


The temperature distribution in the refrigerator compartment of the freezer is uneven, and the temperature in the refrigerator compartment presents a temperature ladder from top to bottom. It is stipulated that the temperature of the refrigerator compartment should be between 3 and 10 °C. A simple way to measure the temperature of the refrigerator room: put the thermometer into a cup filled with water, and then put the cup into the cold room, located in the middle layer by the back wall. The measurement time should be at least 2 hours, and then measure the temperature of the previous layer and the next layer, and finally take the average value. In the "4" gear, the temperature of the general refrigerator is about 7 ℃.

The reasons for the high temperature in the refrigerator room are: a) high ambient temperature and poor heat dissipation of the refrigerator condenser; b) the refrigerator is not placed in an improper position, and there is not enough space around for heat dissipation; c) the door of the refrigerator room is not tightly sealed; d ) The ice making system is clogged.