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What are the precautions for refrigerator use.


Refrigerator is a product we are very familiar with, it can make better food preservation, but for many people, in use process will always appear a lot of small, is mainly because the usual caused by improper operation, so when use must understand the use of refrigerator matters needing attention in advance, so what are the precautions for refrigerator use?

What are the precautions for refrigerator use
1, for its position, must not be placed near the heat source, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation of the equipment itself, increase power consumption, shorten the service life. 2, do not use the same socket with other electrical appliances, otherwise prone to short circuit phenomenon. 3, do not stop for a long time, otherwise easy to make the internal pipeline and line corrosion phenomenon.

What are the refrigerator placement skills
1, for the placement of such products, we must reserve enough position, especially on both sides to set aside 5~10cm distance, 10cm above, 10cm on the back, so that the refrigerator can better get full heat dissipation. Had better have vent in freezer periphery additionally, also can have the vent that forms circumfluence with freezer to come loose in close distance of course, let quantity of heat get send out.

2, because the power consumption of the refrigerator is relatively large, so it is best not to use it together with household appliances, not only will increase the load of the plug and row, but also the heat emitted by other appliances will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator. Must stay away from heat source additionally, avoid insolation, because these quantity of heat also can affect the load capacity of refrigerator.

How does the refrigerator sound when it starts

Generally speaking, this kind of problem is mainly caused by the fact that the product is not placed smoothly, which causes the resonance of the compressor and the bottles and cans when the refrigerator is in operation. Of course, it may also be because the use of the product for a long time, resulting in the compressor noise, resulting in a lot of sound at the start.

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