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Set the temperature in the refrigerator crisper room to a few degrees.


The refrigerator of mechanical type temperature regulation, can have 0~7 gear temperature regulation commonly, adjust the temperature correctly to be able to save electricity, in summer 2~3 gear can save electricity, when winter can adjust it to be 6-7 gear. The following is a detailed introduction:

1, the refrigerator temperature block has 0~7, correctly adjust the temperature can save electricity, in the summer to 2~3 can save electricity, when the winter can be adjusted to 6-7, mainly because of the external temperature will affect the performance of the refrigerator;

2, the temperature of minus 6 degrees Celsius, as a star, food can be stored for about a week; When the temperature is about 12 degrees below zero, it is regarded as two stars. The food can be preserved for about a month. Food can last for about three months at temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius, considered three stars; If the temperature is about minus 18 degrees Celsius, it is four stars, food can be stored for three to six months, of course, only dry goods or some refrigerated food can be stored for a long time, or it is recommended to eat fresh vegetables and meat as soon as possible;

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