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What kinds of ice maker can offer?
We mainly produce commercial ice makers and household ice makers of various sizes. Commercial ice machines can provide large capacity storage and can be used in large convenience stores, beverage stores, hotels, restaurants, and more. The household ice maker has low noise, various appearances, various colors and compact size. Small household ice maker can be placed in living room, kitchen, etc.
All ice machines have been certified, CE, UL, ETL, etc.

Why i choose the smaller countertop ice maker?
The ice maker can be a huge inconvenience when summer hits when your fridge is running low.
A countertop ice maker can provide you with plenty of fresh ice for every need. The compact ice maker is also a handy device for camping, RV travel, parties, or anywhere you might want ice cubes as long as there is electricity. We've found the best ice maker for families of all sizes to help you and your beverages stay as cool as possible.

Do Ice maker keep ice forzen?
Countertop Ice maker are not designed to keep ice cold for long time.But, any ice that melts will flow back into the water tank. You won't have to worry about spills.

How can Branding Ice maker for market?
All ice makers we offer branding service. Just tell us your logo design, print logo or stick label on it. and tell us what color you want for countertop ice makers.
We also can offer gift ctns . just show us what you want.

How much Ice can ice maker make per day?
A household ice maker can generally provide 12-22KG of ice cubes every 24 hours. A commercial ice maker can provide 30-190KG of ice cubes every 24 hours

The ice maker series with low noise and energy-efficient, self-cleaning function. The portable compact size to set for apartment, office, cabin, cafe, home without take too much space. Popular bullet-shaped ice is not easy to melt or stick,Its a perfect gift for your chilled beer or beverages.

Ningbo Jiahao is professional manufacture in ice maker including household and commercial ice maker. All ice maker are with portable compact size . The ice makers are provide customers with design proofing, OEM customization, LOGO printing and other services. but also provides customers with a variety of options for LOGO promotion.

The main features of ice maker
3 Ice Sizes : Large ,Middle,Small
R600a High Efficiency Compressor
Infrared Sensor Technology: Ice Full and Add Water indicator
Removable ice basket and Ice scoop
Bullet-shaped ice cube: More smooth will NOT hurt the mouth
Intuitive yet simple control panel
Small ice maker perfect for the Kitchen,Office,RV,Patio,Living room,party
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Household Mini Ice Maker

Household Mini Ice Maker

Newest Household Mini Ice Maker made in China. The Household mini ice maker machine make up to 26.5lb of small or large bullet-shaped ice cubes per day and efficiently make 9 ice in as little as 6 mins. The large viewing allows you to see the ice making process.

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