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The demand for commercial refrigerators has increased significantly, and intelligence has become a key word for development


Commercial refrigerator refers to the refrigerated or frozen freezer used by commercial operation channels such as supermarkets to store ice cream, beverages, dairy products, quick-frozen foods, food materials, etc. In supermarkets, commercial refrigerators are equipment with high value content, and it is expected to benefit from the rapid development of the convenience store industry in the future. In 2021, the global sales of commercial refrigerators will exceed 15 million units, and in recent years, the demand for commercial refrigerators has increased significantly.
As one of the professional refrigeration manufacturers in the world, Jiahao Appliance has always been market-oriented, constantly meeting user needs and solving customer pain points from multiple dimensions. At present, Gaohao's freezers have matched different solutions for sub-sectors, whether it is high-end ice cream, beverage industry, or maternal and child refrigerators, cosmetic freezers, retro refrigerators, etc. Jiahao Appliance has a presence.